We are very excited about reopening Just Be Coffee Wine Lounge, and welcoming our much-loved customers back in. There are a few changes but we have tried to keep them as minimal as possible, allowing us to maintain our ethos, without compromising on health.

Please be patient, we always strive to do our best and, if we do this slowly, slowly, hopefully we will be back up and firing on full cylinders in no time.

We want you to explore the fascinating world of coffee and wine, without feeling intimidated or over-whelmed. Find out about the people and stories behind them. Taste alongside sharing and grazing dishes specially prepared to get the best from them and enjoy them so much more. Take some downtime, relax in our lounge, read a newspaper or magazine, borrow and exchange from our bookshelf, challenge your neighbour to chess or scrabble, or simply sit and watch the river action. Just Be is somewhere you can come to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, whether on your own or with friends and family. Come and join us, be spoilt and Just Be, you deserve it